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Why Manitoba
At the centre of the continent and in the heart of Canada is the province of Manitoba. Here, you can make friends with the majestic polar bear, take in the vibrant culture of capital city Winnipeg, paddle alongside curious beluga whales and dive into the adventures that come with our four distinct seasons.

Photo Credit Blaine Harrington

Polar bears are at the top of the must-see list: see them up close as they await the fall freezing of Hudson Bay or see them in their natural summer habitat on the tundra surrounding the town of Churchill. Unique tundra vehicles are designed to move easily over the terrain, while summer boat tours and even walking safaris, complete with armed bear monitors, get you in the perfect position to watch and photograph these majestic bears.

Photo Credit Renato Granieri

In the summer, Hudson Bay and the warmer waters of the Churchill River Estuary welcome another magnificent creature, the beluga whale. In July and August, as many as 3,000 beluga whales are found in the area. Boats equipped with hydrophones let you hear the whales’ clicks and chirps. You can also have a wildlife encounter like no other on a kayak, snorkelling or stand-up paddleboard excursion. Be amazed by these curious whales as they swim alongside you – a welcoming party you will never forget.

Photo Credit Travel Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the best sport fishing in North America. From massive northern pike, huge walleye, furious lake trout to giant channel catfish – these trophy fish are photographed for bragging rights and then released back into the wild, sustaining populations and ecosystems.

In Manitoba the opportunities for outdoor adventure are endless. Hikers, cyclists and skiers can choose from hundreds of kilometres of trails winding their way through Manitoba’s provincial and national parks. Watch the resident bison herd and stay at boutique hotel or glamping structure in Riding Mountain National Park. Make your way to the top of a magnificent waterfall at the northern Pisew Falls Provincial Park. Leave tracks in the sand at one of Manitoba’s natural oddities, the ancient dunes of the Spirit Sands in Spruce Woods Provincial Park to the west. Trek across the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield in Whiteshell Provincial Park to the east.

Photo Credit Travel Manitoba

For thousands of years, people have been gathering where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet: this is Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city. In heart of the city is the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Take a journey from darkness to light – a journey told through the stories of inspiring people and echoed by the awesome architecture of the building itself.

Learn about Manitoba’s northern ecosystems at Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit where you can watch polar bears swim above you in the underwater viewing tunnel. And be sure to visit Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, where heritage buildings come to life, housing hip boutiques and some of the best restaurants in a city known for its culinary chops.

Photo Credit Tanner Grywinski

Experience Manitoba’s lively festivals and fairs that celebrate the cultures, music, flavours and history of this diverse province. Head north to cheer dogsledders on a quest for glory or to marvel at the skills of modern day trappers. Discover the joie de vivre of the voyageurs and soak up the spirit of Manitoba’s proud multiculturalism. Feel the beat of an Indigenous powwow or dance under the open skies at a top music festival. In every corner of the province you’ll find a festival or fair bursting with the energy of our people, eager to share our passions and proud heritage.

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