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Lofty Ideas


Our industry is always buzzing about newly-renovated meeting rooms, up-to-date colors, wall coverings and flooring – it’s all essential to attracting new business. Not enough attention, however, is paid to the functionality of a meeting space. Are we providing the optimum meeting environment?

There many types of meetings, so it only makes sense that there be completely different environments and tools required to host them. Finance meetings may call for a boardroom setting with a laptop LCD projecting reports on a screen. Serious business calls for a formal setting. A marketing department meeting, on the other hand, is all about brainstorming new ideas which requires a flexible environment that optimizes left brain and right brain thinking.


The new space at White Oaks embodies the spirit of creativity. The Idea Loft is comfortable – a place where you can walk around, grab a snack, toss a ball in the air or scribble a thought on the wall. The beauty of the space is that it’s made for breaking off into little groups, and it’s welcoming for those who need to tuck themselves into a corner to think an idea through. When thoughts are ready to be shared, the group can come together for presentations in the theatre/stage section. It’s a truly flexible, creativity-inspiring space.

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