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Recommending a Destination Management Company

It’s all about the details. Every little detail.

And most importantly it’s about getting it right, just right. Meet the local experts who offer planners a virtual extension of home office in the heart of Whistler. Our destination management companies (DMC) take pride in dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. They can weigh in as much or as little as you need, it’s up to you. But we’d encourage you to partner with the experts who drive creative, are reputed for savvy procurement and deliver technical production without a hitch.

Marketing Your Meeting

Promotional Materials
We will give you the animation you need to get everyone buzzing about meeting in Whistler. The images, promotional materials, intimate knowledge to customize your message, whatever it takes. Drive excitement, boost attendance, showcase the village or highlight a mountain playground, whatever your focus we’ve got your back. Download images and video from Tourism Whistler’s comprehensive selection of high-resolution stock images and video.

Media Releases
View Whistler Meetings media releases for inspiration, information and ideas to share with your delegates.

Create Your Own Microsite
Minimize the logistics of coordinating your groups book on own activities, hotels and transportation thanks to the dedicated team at Tourism Whistler. We will happily create a personalized webpage for your delegates to use as their one-stop-shop for everything in Whistler. You can customize the site to fit your groups individual needs, add or remove options and include as little or as much information as you see fit.

Social Media Support
Follow us on Twitter at the handle @MeetWhistler

We’ve created 5 pre-written tweets for you to help your delegates and attendees get familiar with Whistler before their trip.

  1. Watch Rethink the Meet in Whistler to get inspired now: #meetwhistler
  2. [conference handle] just signed with [the Whistler Conference Centre] or [Whistler Hotel] for our [year] Conference, we know our attendees will love it as much as we do! #meetwhistler
  3. American visitors, favourable U.S. currency exchange rates of approximately 30% will make your dollar go further during [conference handle] in Canada:
  4. Have you started packing for [conference handle] in Whistler and are wondering that to bring? Take a look at Whistler’s historical weather records:
  5. Do you plan on shopping during [conference handle] in Whistler? You’re in luck! Whistler is a shopper’s paradise, offering something to suit every taste:
Whistler Ambassador Club

Pursue your passions and you’ll naturally find a connection to something much deeper.
Becoming an Ambassador by promoting a convention in Whistler is a rewarding adventure. Our mountain destination needs your talent, motivation and contacts to keep moving forward.

Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination. We have successfully welcomed the world and are seeking to merge our supporters with the resort’s unique offerings. The Whistler Ambassador Club is a noteworthy group of professionals who are trailblazers in their fields. This network includes some of the brightest minds who all share the common goal of showcasing Whistler as a place of innovation, excellence and opportunity.

Tourism Whistler partners with leaders to bring meetings to Whistler. We promote ingenuity and connection, leaving a legacy of social and economic benefits. This group is from various specialized backgrounds including academia, life science, leading-edge technologies, natural resources and commerce.

With the support of our team and partners, you’ll see how easy and rewarding it can be to promote and execute a world-class meeting or convention.

We welcome you to participate in the following ways:

  • Facilitate introductions to other thought leaders in your area of expertise
  • Be a catalyst and chair an event in partnership with Whistler with your organization
  • Introduce the Whistler Ambassador Club to others who are seeking to attract business events to Whistler
  • Identify potential meetings and events in your field that could be hosted in the resort