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Q&A With Kathy Nicolay

Describe some of the key economic sectorrelated conferences Toronto is hosting.

The two key economic sectors that stand out to me are life sciences and ICT. I think there is a continued, heightened focus on life sciences meetings in particular and where life sciences intersect with technology. For example, Toronto is hosting RehabWeek 2019 in June. It’s a life sciences conference, but it’s connected to state-of-the-art rehab technology. We’re also hosting the MedTech Conference in 2020, which focuses on medical technology and medical devices.

How do local ambassadors help shape conference content?>

First and foremost, they focus on the science, research and academic part of the conference. It is up to the ambassadors to showcase their fields of expertise. In addition, some associations might ask the local organizing committee to help with social programs or venue suggestions for off-site events and executive board meetings.

Why is Toronto an ideal host for international conferences?

It’s an opportunity to really showcase what Toronto has to offer in different sectors. More conferences are offering technical tours so that attendees can see what’s happening at the institutes around the city. The academics here are really quite amazing. Maclean’s magazine recently ranked the University of Toronto as Canada’s top university in the medical and doctoral category. Our ambassadors tell us that hosting these conferences provides an exchange of knowledge with the top . minds that are coming to the city, and the conferences enrich their own institutes and organizations as well as the community as a whole.

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