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Pearson—An Evolving Gateway

Lee restaurant

Looking to 2030, Pearson International Airport is expected to handle over 60 million passengers a year. Several redevelopment projects are now underway to ensure optimal travel flow and a great experience for travellers.

The Terminal 3 Enhancement Project, expected to be complete in 2017, will introduce new process improvements in check-in procedures, refreshed and new retail facilities and improved passenger flow.

Security screening will now occur prior to US Customs processing in Terminal 3 for US-bound passengers.

hearth restaurant

In both Terminal 1 and 3, more automated passport control kiosks and upgraded software will allow 95 per cent of all passengers to the US to use the kiosks to speed up US Customs and Border Protection processing.

Great restaurants featuring flavourful creations of well known local chefs is one of the hallmarks of Pearson. Whether your tastes run from the smoked meat sandwiches from Toronto deli-king Zane Caplansky or the Asian stylings of internationally acclaimed Master Chef Susur Lee, there’s truly a taste sensation waiting for you prior to your journey. Be on the look out for restaurants by Roger Mooking, Lynn Crawford and Massimo Capra.

This fall, Pearson International Airport  harvested the first jar of honey from its honeybee apiary, known as YYbeeZ. The apiary was established in June of 2015 and supports anywhere from 50,000 to 1 million bees operating across 15 hives.


Photos: Greater Toronto Airport Authority