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Getting Here

How to reach Niagara Falls 


Did you know that 60% of North America’s population is located within a 90-minute flight of Niagara Falls? With three international airports, all less than 125 km away, getting to Niagara Falls is a breeze.

Toronto Pearson International Airport ― 125km | 74 minutes

Buffalo Niagara International Airport ― 50km | 46 minutes

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport ― 86km | 62 minutes



Conveniently accessible via the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), visitors take a scenic drive past picturesque vineyards, the shores of Lake Ontario, and the scenic Niagara Escarpment. Only 90-minutes from downtown Toronto, it’s easy to step into Niagara’s beautiful scenery.


Over 100 million Americans live within an 8-hour or 500-mile drive of Niagara Falls, making it a major gateway for U.S.-Canada border travel. The destination can easily be accessed via any one of four international bridge crossings:

Peace Bridge ― 30km | 35 minutes

Rainbow Bridge ― 5km | 10 minutes

Whirlpool Bridge ― 7km | 12 minutes

Lewiston Bridge ― 14km | 25 minutes