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Regional revival underway in Niagara Falls

Conventional wisdom says that as a story begins, so too must it end. But what if your story isn’t done being told?

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s typical to view Niagara Falls solely as a world-famous travel destination visited by millions every year. If you’re a local, however, you know tourism is simply one chapter in a much larger story.

Like every memorable tale, Niagara Falls begins with a unique destination. Situated on the easternmost point of a peninsula, the city is bordered by a small network of vibrant towns and cities on one side and the dynamic counties and communities of Western New York on the other. The movement of goods and people has historically played a major role in making the region what it is today, with assets like strategic waterways and cross-border passages serving to intensify its dominance in the manufacturing sector. Yet just as the economic climate has shifted in recent decades, so too has there been a need for Niagara’s regional economy to shift in the direction of change and innovation.

And so, as part of a region-wide attitude intent on taking action, Niagara Falls is joining its municipal counterparts to add a new theme to its story: revitalization. Every day, the spirit of knowledge exchange sweeps through the region’s post-secondary educational institutions, powering the momentum of small- and medium-sized companies that have chosen to retain their young talent. Emerging generations are putting down roots and coming up with creative solutions to tackle the challenges of yesterday and tomorrow, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life are bringing new ideas and innovations to the fore.

One doesn’t need to look far to find homegrown success stories, especially in areas like health, bioscience, and education technology. Organizations are bridging ties between industries to diversify the local economy, and business leaders, educators, and forward-thinking minds from across the region are collaborating to create new and exciting economic opportunities.

“All of the changes taking place in Niagara right now is really what motivated me to want to work in this part of the province,” says Judy Mahoney, who recently took on the role of Vice President, Sales & Marketing, at Scotiabank Convention Centre and Niagara Falls Business Events. “The more I get familiar with Niagara Falls the city, the more I see Niagara Falls’ worth as a leading business events destination. In the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned so far, I’m convinced this region is undergoing a remarkable revival. I know for certain that location is one of, if not the, most important factors for hosting a business event. Planners who are seriously looking at our destination, taking into account the growth and development happening here, can expect to find what they’re looking for in Niagara Falls.”

No doubt, Niagara Falls’ story is much larger than its unique surroundings. And as the region continues to give rise to exciting new partnerships, entertainment offerings, and world-class organizations, it will continue to hold a title role in the business events world.

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Originally printed: January 16, 2018
By Matt Bradford
© 2018 Canadian Society of Association Executives