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New Routes

New 2017 Routes

For 80 years, Air Canada has been committed to providing our passengers exceptional service. We’re aiming higher and reaching further.

Bringing the best of Canada to the world.

As Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada can help you grow your network by providing your clients with more opportunities to explore the world. That means adding new routes to our growing global network of more than 200 airports. In 2017, we’re expanding our network to include Algiers, Berlin, Marseille, Mumbai, Nagoya, Taipei, Reykjavik and beyond.


Transborder Flights International Flights International Flights
Operated by Air Canada Express Operated by Air Canada Operated by Air Canada Rouge
From Vancouver From Vancouver From Vancouver
Dallas, February 5th Frankfurt, June 1st Nagoya, June 1st
Denver, May 18th Taipei, June 8th Gatwick, June 8th
Boston, June 23rd Orlando, December 20th
Melbourne, December 1st
From Toronto: From Toronto: From Toronto:
Memphis, May 1st Mumbai, July 1st Berlin, June 1st
San Antonio, May 1st Reykjavik, June 21st
Savannah, May 1st St. Vincent, December 14th
Belize, December 15th
From Montreal: From Montreal: From Montreal:
Dallas, May 26th Shanghai, February 16th Marseille, June 9th
Tel Aviv, June 22nd Algiers, July 1st
Reykjavik, June 23rd
Lima, December 16th


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