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Meet our Business Event Specialist: Mascia

After many years working on the operations side of hospitality and tourism, it was time for a change. Getting into sales happened purely by accident. I was living in Ottawa at the time when a local hotel brought me on board and opened my eyes to what sales really means. I realized very quickly sales combined my curiosity about people with my desire to help. When you align this mindset with a great product or destination like Mississauga, it does not feel like work at all. When I moved back to Mississauga and worked as a director of sales at a hotel in the city, I often found myself speaking about Mississauga and all it had to offer from its waterfront location, to amazing shopping and numerous restaurants featuring global cuisine. This helped clients envision what their delegates could do on their downtime and helped me secure events by answering questions planners did not know they had. Now as a designated event strategist, I continue to find different ways to support and work with new and current clients to bring their events to Mississauga. I believe in the saying “you have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak.” On that note, I look forward to hearing from you and what you need and want for your next event and how I can help you find that here in Mississauga.

Mascia Michalakos
Business Events Specialist, Tourism Mississauga
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