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Tara Gordon

Vice-president Sales & Service

”My passion is urban design, so when I have the opportunity to explore the city I always seek out areas that showcase adaptive reuse at work. Whether it’s discovering a new designer shop in a tucked-away laneway of the Distillery District or exploring the market at the Evergreen Brick Works, I love to see how our past is incorporated into the present. This makes me very excited for the development by Sidewalk Labs of a smart city and how that space is transformed in the coming years!”

Loren Christie

Director of Sales, Canada & International Congress

”The rooftop of the Broadview Hotel is one of my personal favourite places in the city. It offers a fantastic bar with great views of the increasingly hip Queen Street East. Having lived in the area for 20 years it has been amazing to watch the changes to the neighbourhood.”

Jane Eastmure

Director of Sales, U.S. Market

”On Saturday mornings I love to go to the St. Lawrence Market. The area comes alive with fresh offerings of produce, meats and cheeses from the nearby farms and local vendors. The flavours and tastes reflect the diversity of our city!”

Mark Crawford Director

International Business Development

”My favourite restaurant in Toronto is Susur Lee’s namesake restaurant, Lee. Located in the heart of the King Street West neighbourhood, its location offers lots of options for before and after dinner activities. If you go, don’t leave without trying Chef’s signature, 19-ingredient Singapore Slaw!”

Kathryn Wakefield

Director of Client Services

”There are so many amazing places in our city, but my favourite has to be watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the outdoor amphitheatre in High Park. The performances draw you in to the point that you sometimes forget you are even in the city.”