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Crack Open a Cold One 


 In a city that calls the original Carling and Labatt breweries home, it only seems natural that a renaissance of the time-honoured skill of craft brewing has bloomed in London. Labatt’s offers guided two-hour group tours of its massive operations, ending with a tasting in the John Kinder Labatt room.

Not to be outdone, local craft brewers offer up their own libations, using local ingredients like pumpkin to create an ever-changing rotation of tastes and flavours according to the seasons. Raise a cold one to London!

Toboggan Brewing Company

Toboggan Brewing Company has worked the city’s heritage into its name and decor, after the eponymous toboggan clubs that used to dot the city in the 1800s. This warm and woodsy pub with the open concept 519 Kitchen offers up a regional menu that supports local area producers. The restaurant can be bought out for private events (for up to 350 people) and they have a great outdoor patio in the summer.




Anderson Craft Ales

This family-owned and operated
brewery operates on a nationalistic riff on the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.  Only Canadian-grown barley, North American hops, water and yeast are used in their craft IPA, Wheat and Amber ales.

London Brewing Co-op

The delicate balancing act of people, planet and profits drives this worker owned co-op. Sourcing local ingredients, and creating brews with eclectic monikers such as TARDIS, Neighbourhood Tart and Fire in the Pumpkin Patch, gives groups something to talk about when visiting the inviting event space made from largely reclaimed and recycled materials.

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