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Summer Itinerary: The Land of the Midnight Sun


Day 1

Wake up to the warmth of the midnight sun and begin your Arctic adventure in Inuvik with a winding escape down the Dempster Highway. Make stops in both Tsiigehtchic and Fort McPherson, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the best dry fish in the world and visit the famous Tent and Canvas Shop. Continue your leisurely drive into the heart of the stunning Richardson Mountains. Watch the peaks grow as you continually climb the slopes and descend the valleys. Prepare for a lovely picnic lunch as you arrive at your final destination – the Arctic Circle. Be on the lookout as you return to Inuvik for local wildlife, including caribou and grizzly bear!

Conclude your first day 200 km north of the Arctic Circle by visiting two local aboriginal craft shops – one is operated by the Inuvialuit and the other by the Gwich’in. View stunning carvings made out of soapstone and intricate beadwork on everything from keychains to moose hide vests. Take note of what you really love because a talented local artist will work with you tomorrow morning in creating your very own authentic souvenir.


Day 2

Morning probably came much quicker than expected – it’s not easy to go to bed while the sun’s still high in the sky! Start today with a visit to the workshop of a local artist, where you will learn about the traditional methods passed down through generations. Work hand-in-hand with your artistic guide as you carve, paint or bead a masterpiece. You can guarantee that your finished product will make for an amazing conversation starter!

A short flight north on an iconic Twin Otter to Ulukhaktuk is planned for this afternoon. Beautifully located on the coast of Victoria Island, the inlet community is well known for two things – fishing and golfing! Enjoy a welcome reception upon arrival, including a performance by the Western Drummers and Dancers. As they share stories through song and dance, you will fall in love with the mesmerizing beat of the drum. Finish your visit to Ulukhaktuk by choosing to take aim at hooking an Arctic Char or dropping a hole-in-one on the World’s most northern course.


Day 3

Begin your day by flying across the open waters of the Arctic Ocean on your way to Banks Island and the community of Sachs Harbour. Here, you will bear witness to the world’s largest muskox population – numbering over 68,000! Once off the plane, travel with your guide by off-road vehicle to the nearest herd. As survivors of the last ice age, their prehistoric look will take you back in time. Take a moment to enjoy the animals in their natural habitat and the spectacular views out over the ocean. Before you leave to fly back to Inuvik, fill your need for food with a delicious, locally-made muskox burger.

After spending the day in Sachs Harbour, gain an even deeper appreciation of the Western Arctic this evening during a cultural tour and dinner. See and visit the local attractions within Inuvik, including Canada’s most famous building north of the 60th parallel – the Igloo Church. The last stop on the tour will be your guide’s home, where you will receive a warm invitation to enjoy a traditional northern feast! Have you ever tried muktuk, bannock or akpiks? How about mipgu, tuktu or Arctic Char? With a full stomach, rest comfortably as your host shares stories about the land and life in Canada’s Arctic.


Day 4

Expect a bright and early wake-up call this morning. Lots of time is needed to make the most of today’s planned adventure. Once again, hope aboard the North’s favourite mode of transportation, a Twin Otter, and set your sights on Tuktut Nogait National Park. Every year, only a handful of visitors ever set foot within its boundaries. Here, alongside knowledgeable guides, you will be able to choose your summer activity. Hike the banks of the Hornaday River and watch the pristine water run over the magnificent La Roncière Falls. Enjoy a private viewing of the 20,000-strong Bluenose West caribou herd. Or, kayak underneath the arching banks of the Hornaday and the cascading falls that run through them. No matter what decision you make, a trip to Tuktut Nogait is something you will never forget.

Return back to Inuvik after an incredible day full of amazing photo opportunities as you travel above the empty tundra and the swirling maze of the Mackenzie Delta. Don’t be fooled by the midnight sun, your last day in Inuvik is slowly coming to an end. Take the chance to reminisce about all the unbelievable memories you now have of Canada’s Arctic.