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Interview Video


You can watch more about the RavenQuest Edmonton facility in this video showcase.


Marijuana legalization is monopolizing the news and sparking interest across the country. Edmonton has responded proactively by embracing cannabis commerce focused in production, management services and consulting, and specialized research and development. The Aurora Sky Project is an 800,000 square foot medicinal cannabis production facility near the Edmonton International Airport, and is the largest, most technologically advanced in the world. This facility has drawn attention to Edmonton as a gathering place for cannabis education, dialogue and commerce along with producers that are established in Edmonton like RavenQuest BioMed Inc.

With so much excitement and ingenuity centred on the cannabis industry in Edmonton, it is becoming a hotspot for cannabis related gatherings too. The Edmonton Cannabis & Hemp Expo came to the Edmonton Expo Centre in April, and just two months later, thousands more attended CannabisCon at the Shaw Conference Centre, a conference designed specifically for businesses and consumers interested in learning more about the changing industry.

RavenQuest BioMed Inc. is a publicly traded cannabis company with divisions focused upon various dimensions of the cannabis industry. They are a licensed producer with facilities located in Markham, Ontario and now, Edmonton, Alberta. This year RavenQuest BioMed Inc. unveiled its “Orbital Garden technology — OG 2.0,” which is described as state-of-the-art cannabis production technology. George Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at RavenQuest BioMed Inc., had lots to say in our Q&A about this exciting time for the cannabis industry in Edmonton.



What about Edmonton has made it an ideal location for the RavensQuest to setup base?

Edmontonians have a can-do spirit in everything they do.  RavenQuest has deep roots here with many of our top executives calling Edmonton home.  When presented with the opportunity to base one of our facilities in Edmonton, we jumped on it as we are aware of the forward looking, entrepreneurial spirit that has always set Edmontonians apart.

Can you sum up the RQB difference apart from other competitors?

RavenQuest places innovation and science at the centre of everything we do.  Our advanced grow methodologies will revolutionize how cannabis is produced.  We also place a great amount of importance around sustainability and partnering with Indigenous communities, which is why we have agreements in place with both Fort McMurray First Nation #468 as well as Alexander First Nation, located just north of Edmonton’s border.

What collaborations or partnerships in the Greater Edmonton Region has helped make this endeavour possible?

We’re very proud to be working with TWS Engineering here in town, a great local partner who’s been instrumental in the completion of our Edmonton project.

What’s one thing you are excited for in the future of RQB in Edmonton?

Helping people lead more enriched lives.  Whether that means providing meaningful local employment or producing a product that can provide lifestyle improvement for our clients, we look forward to RQB having a positive impact in and around the Edmonton community.

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