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Angling Marvels in Manitoba

It’s no wonder why thousands of anglers choose Manitoba as their preferred fishing destination. In a province that’s home to over 100,000 lakes, numerous rivers and creeks and 30 different fish species, angling opportunities are as convenient as they are endless. Whether you’re casting for giant pike, fly fishing for huge brown trout or ice fishing for massive greenback walleye, Manitoba is host to a multitude of exceptional fisheries with real chances for that fish of a lifetime. This is fishing at its finest!

Photo Credit Travel Manitoba

Fly In Fishing

Fly out to the middle of nowhere and you’ll discover some of the finest wilderness fishing experiences imaginable. Arrive by chartered aircraft to an all-inclusive lodge, complete with first class accommodations and amenities, the finest service, gourmet meals, and professional guides. Or take an iconic float plane ride to a secluded outpost camp, offering all the comforts and essentials to enjoy your very own private fishing adventure.

Whether you choose exclusive solitude or a full service destination, Manitoba offers the very best in fly-in fishing options. Encounter long-standing operators and renowned waters that have earned legendary reputations over generations. World class fishing for trophy northern pike, walleye, lake trout, arctic grayling and brook trout is here to explore. It’s an ultimate angling experience in the wildest of places.

Photo Credit Travel Manitoba

Drive-To Fishing

With thousands of miles of roads throughout our province, Manitoba grants easy and convenient access to some of the finest multi species fisheries within North America. With various drive-to destinations offering do-it-yourself or guided trips, multiple accommodation and service options and phenomenal seasonal angling opportunities, it’s no secret to why Manitoba is a preferred choice. Rent a boat or cabin on one of many productive walleye waters, hire a local guide for a classic channel catfish excursion or haul your own rig to a multitude of trophy northern pike and lake trout fisheries.

Regardless of the direction you travel or your length of stay, our drive-to options let you choose your own angling adventure. Countless lakes and rivers with dozens of sought after species are here for you to enjoy.

Fly Fishing

From the famous fly-in rivers of our northern frontier to the celebrated stocked lakes of our southern plains, Manitoba offers the devoted fly fisher an excess of both traditional and novelty fly fishing experiences. Sea-run brook trout on remote Hudson Bay tributaries, northern pike on sprawling sub-arctic waterbodies and rainbow and brown trout on diverse prairie stillwaters, are all signature “on the fly” encounters which are often unique to select areas of our various provincial regions.

Home to multiple national fly fishing championships, endorsed fly fishing lodges, seasoned fly fishing guides and a growing fly fishing culture, Manitoba has established roots in the fly fishing world and has gained a prominent status as a premier fly fishing destination.

Photo Credit Travel Manitoba

Ice Fishing

Manitoba is no stranger to the growing “ice fishing revolution”, nor to the world class ice fisheries that annually entice thousands of fanatical ice anglers. Our cold winters are a gateway to unreal ice fishing opportunities, offering favourable access to numerous lakes and rivers and a wide variety of trophy species. Yellow perch, northern pike, lake trout, greenback walleye, rainbow trout and black crappie are popular choices for our loyal ice anglers, as are the remote back country and easily accessible fisheries that Manitoba offers in abundance.

December through April, our hard water world presents options for everyone. From an easy, do-it-yourself family trip to a local trout lake to a full service guided adventure on the remote limits of our inland oceans, Manitoba presents an open door to epic ice fishing experiences.

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