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Mayor Diodati – Niagara Falls Awaits You from Ignite Magazine on Vimeo.

A Mayor’s Welcome!

There’s something for everyone in Niagara Falls! There’s so much excitement here that we know you’ll need to come ear­ly and stay later to enjoy all that we have to offer. We are the world’s most famous address and have one of the earth’s most amazing natural wonders. Have you seen it lately? If you haven’t, we guarantee that there is a lot more to explore here than there has ever been! We invite you to come and take it all in. In every season, our landscape changes and gets refreshed. With each month, there are new, exciting things to see and do. From world class golf courses, to a renowned wine route, to our first-class hospitality, dining and shopping, and attractions that will leave you awe-struck, Niagara Falls has what you need to revive, explore and re-set. We want to be on your ‘bucket list!’ – JIM DIODATI AND WAYNE THOMSON